Upwork Freelancer Success Course

Detailed guide to help 50 Plus Professionals win freelance work on Upwork. Real life tips & strategies from Top Rated Freelancer.

This informative course is aimed towards helping you build a career as a successful freelancer utilizing opportunities available on the Upwork online freelancing platform. The course is packed with tried and tested solutions along with highly informative videos to help a new Upwork freelancer outperform the competition and land dream job opportunities.

My name is Erick Borland and I first discovered this gem of a course, and the instructor, Nina Kolari, a few months ago. I told her I felt the course offered vital information for those of us over the age of 50 but was concerned it would not reach many of the people who could benefit from it. More to the point, in the Upwork Freelancer Success Course, she talks about why traditional freelancing methods do not work on Upwork or online in general - lengthy proposals are a great example in an environment where you may have 10 to 15 seconds to make a connection with a client. Sign up for this valuable course and you will learn how to break those rules and BEAT YOUR COMPETITION BY A MILE!

Look, we all know there was a time when working a regular job delivered a great life for a majority of people. It still works just fine for some people, but the economic collapse that occurred not that long ago highlights how fragile jobs, retirement plans, and home values are these days.

Today, online freelancing is a growing opportunity and offers a dynamic new path forward for those over the age of 50 to make money.

The new game in town is to become an online freelancer and the Upwork workplace is leading the charge. This detailed but easy to understand course is where you can learn about how to succeed as an Upwork Freelancer. The marketplace is rapidly evolving and the odds are very good the skills and experience you have gained in the marketplace can help you reach your dreams and aspirations on this career path.

There is no question it can be hard to change course when you are over the age of 50. But whether your dreams for a better life are driving you forward or circumstances beyond your control are forcing your hand, becoming an online freelancer should be high on your list. Now these facts are very important: age is no barrier in the online marketplace and freelancers over the age of 50 have many attributes desired by clients, such as depth of experience, focus and a strong work ethic.

So please read on as Nina describes the key information included in the Upwork Freelancer Success Course.

My name is Nina and in this course, you will learn practical strategies I personally used when starting out, and still use today on Upwork. I will show you the exact steps I took when building an Upwork income from zero to $40,000 in a year part-time. And I can tell you I rarely used the basic and traditional methods generally used!
One of the best parts of this course is the community forum where you will be able to ask Erick and me questions directly! We will also be available for additional questions and clarifications soon after you join this course.

My Success With Upwork
I started my career as a freelancer because I got tired of working in the cubicle. I knew I needed a level of freedom the corporate world could not offer. That’s where Upwork (or Odesk at the time) came in to play. Today, I am currently in the top 3 in Upwork’s Top Rated Freelancers for my niche. I’ve been fortunate to be able to work both as a freelancer and as a client on the site. I have hired hundreds of freelancers for various client projects and I have also worked for a number of premium clients as well. I'm now ready to bring this unusual level of combined freelancer and client knowledge to help 50 Plus Freelancers succeed on Upwork. Let me help you do what I did!

Is Upwork intimidating because of the busy worldwide marketplace it serves? Do you ever doubt if your profile is going to stand out from thousands of other freelancers with their eyes on the same job?
This course is your beginner's guide on Upwork. It is a detailed, but easy to understand guide and will help you make that leap from newbie to a successful freelancer. The course will help new and struggling freelancers increase their odds of landing real job opportunities,regardless if you are looking for a long term or a short term project. 


Understand how Upwork works
If you are a bit intimidated about Upwork, this course will help lessen that anxiety. I’ll teach you the ins and outs of Upwork and how the system and interface work.
Learn to market yourself in your niche
After the course you will know exactly how to market yourself. You will be able to build a profile that clearly showcases your skills and abilities in your niche.
Learn how to make attention-grabbing proposals
Before you have an opportunity to showcase your skill, you need to be noticed by potential clients. In this course I'll share easy to understand methods about how to make an effective proposal letter, substantially increasing your opportunities to land an interview.
Locate HIGH PAYING job opportunities
It is a struggle for every newcomer to locate lucrative job opportunities online. To help avoid devaluing your work, I will show you how to find financially rewarding job opportunities.
Learn how to handle client interviews and consultations
When you land an interview, what you learn here will help you impress your potential Upwork client and help close the deal.


  • This course offers an active community where you can discuss anything under the sun about freelancing and Upwork. You can also contact us via the Zenler messaging system if you have questions regarding Upwork or freelancing in general.
  • If you have a burning desire for the freedom to work as a freelancer via Upwork but you have no idea how to start, this course is your first step towards that goal.
  • And lastly, we also run contests every now and then where the winners have an opportunity to get a profile or proposal letter consultation for FREE!
BONUS #1: Your lifetime access to this course includes ongoing updates.
BONUS #2: Connect with us on Linkedin and Facebook and of course within the course.
BONUS #3: Gain free and discounted access to our courses and ebooks.
This course has a full 30-day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose, just everything to gain.
See you in the course, and don't forget to introduce yourself to other students.
Nina and Erick

PS - If you've read this far, you are obviously interested in opportunities provided by online freelancing. By reading this note and taking the introductory course, you put yourself at the start of a journey leading you to a place where financial stress can be erased and you can champion your own life. Just imagine the benefits possible by following this path toward self-discovery and self-sufficiency.

Intended Audience: 50 Plus Professionals looking for income opportunities outside of the corporate environment and more freedom in their lives., 50 Plus professionals looking to change their lives and earn money as a freelancer on Upwork., 50 Plus Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners

50 Plus Introduction
Introduction To The Course
What is Upwork
Closer look on Upwork Opportunities
Earning Potential On Upwork - Real Money To Be Made!
Upwork Contract Options and Which You Should Use and why
Upwork Policies
Job Alerts via RSS
Master Uwork Profile
Outperform Competition With Winning Proposal
Insider Secret - See Client View on Upwork!
Online Interview Secrets - Successfully Negotiate Your Way to New Project
Dont Make Common Mistakes When Replying To A Job Invite!
How to Become Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork
Money Matters - How Much Can You Make as a Upwork Freelancer
How Much Should You Charge - Its Probably More than You Think
Dont Get Scammed And Loose Money (Like I Was!)
Best Tips on Withdrawing Money From Upwork
Grammar and Spelling Tools
What Rules I Have For New Clients - Like No Mobile!

What's included

  • 16 Video Lessons
  • 4 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Nina Kolari